Sunday, August 18, 2013

Numberala beach - Roti Island, Indonesia

So we moved on to a nice anchorage on the island of Roti a couple of days ago - a village called Numberala, which is apparently known for its surfing.  Big breaking waves to either side of our anchoring spot.  Tamsyn is missing her new friend Cleo from an Australian boat called Capricorn Dancer.  They should be meeting us here soon.

As we left Kupang, we left seven other boats, friends who all have more serious repairs that are still underway.  Two blown engines, electrical problems, rig problems, and so on.  A high percentage of Sail Komodo boats had repairs to undertake in Kupang; which is interesting since most of them are only 4 days out from Darwin when they arrive.  It only keeps happening the longer you're out from home.  We just felt glad to get our stuff fixed and get out of there.

All is well.  Moving west in a few days.  The wind is back! 


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