Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blue Hole Photo Post - Wayback Machine, Santo, Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu
Oyster Bay
The Blue Hole
December 1, 2012

Why we do this...

Every now and again I ponder why we do this. Why we sold everything we owned back home in Seattle. We sold a modest yet lovely home, two nice cars, all our things. We left jobs and schools behind. We left friends and family back home waiting for us to return. We left it all for an adventure we tell ourselves. The adventure of a life time. And every now and again, after too many expensive boat repairs, passages that make one question the sanity of sailing as a mode of travel, and living for years in a space smaller than most zoo enclosures, we get part of the answer. . . to see beautiful places, to experience other cultures, to make new friends in distant lands, to see what is over the horizon. The Blue Hole in Oyster Bay is one of the most beautiful places we have seen on our little adventure.

I took over 400 pictures (from a moving dinghy) in an afternoon - to try to capture the beauty of a spring fed pool and the river that flows from it. Here are my favorites.  I hope they show you some of the magic we felt that afternoon.




Monika said...


Rob Johnson said...

Truly Magical scenes- and you could have found them no other way......

Anonymous said...

That's why I'd do it to. Fabulous shots, evocative.


Jennifer said...

I'm catching up on the blogs I follow tonight after a summer of not reading them. It's great to see you're still out there adventuring! I'll be putting up our world map since school is starting here, and I'll have the kids trace the route you've taken the past couple of years. :) Let us know when you have an address that you'll be at for awhile and we'll send you a letter. Big hugs to you all!