Sunday, September 1, 2013

Komodo, slaves and choices


Last week we arrived Waingapu on island of Sumba. Had a bit of hassle with local officials. They don't get too many yachts guess. Police urgently waved us and Capricorn Dancer into the docks, and took our passports and documents for copying. Tourism officials then killed us with kindness to make up for the rude greeting. Horse racing the first day with child jockeys. Later that day we met some of royal family and had meeting with a bunch of slaves. It was a strangely powerful experience.

Over the next couple days we toured around the area and were treated to more excellent hospitality,including a local fair and boxing matches. Then we watered up, and left in the afternoon, bound for Komodo National Park. But soon our friends on Capricorn Dancer lost their engine. We headed back to meet them while they worked on repairs. After bypassing their Racor fuel filter they were chose to proceed.

All went well until the following morning on approach to Rincha Island in the Park; their engine died again. We rigged a bridle and took Capricorn Dancer in tow, a bit of a trick as she is much larger than Madrona and bullets of wind exceeding 25 knots were whipping down from the spectacular mountains that comprise these islands.

Anchored safely at 8 42.210 S/ 119 39.466 E we looked in amazement at the spectacular scenery. It wasn't a hour before cries from both boats brought us on deck to watch a large Komodo Dragon walking along the nearby beach. We have spent the last two days exploring and climbed hills and me many dragons in their native habitat. They are very cool,and clearly in charge.

Tomorrow we move again to another location the the park. Capricorn Dancer's fuel tank has been emptied and cleaned, and all lines and filters cleaned. Think the problem is licked. Today I cleaned the prop and the bottom. All the kids played on the beach, and there was baking and relaxation on both boats after the hectic repairs of the last few days.

In the next week or so we need to figure out if we continue on to Langkawi, and Thailand, or jump across the Indian Ocean for Africa. Stay tuned.


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Anonymous said...

So exciting to follow your guys' adventures! Living the dream--woohoo! ;-) Enjoy, and keep on trekkin'! :-)

Shosh and Ben

P.S. Ben turn three on Thursday--amazing how time flies! ;-)