Friday, August 9, 2013

Indonesia scenes - Kupang Photo Post

So... we're still here.

Ready to leave soon (as soon as we sort out our outboard motor - it never ends).   When we first got to Kupang we were not impressed, as it took forever for officials to clear us in, and we had to get a local agent to help, but once we spent time in the town we got to like it.

While we've been here we dug into our steering problems again, and think they're sorted now.  Time will tell for sure.  Our local mechanical genius Matthew resurrected our windlass too. Need work in Kupang, he's the man.

Provisions are on board as is water and fuel, so we should be good to go but the wind is supposed to completely die for a few days.  I'm also finishing up a contract, so I guess we have to be somewhere with internet.  We certainly could use the silver.

Here are some images from our time here.  Street life, a couple of outings and some friends.

Griffyn in the Torres Strait; that's Australia back there!
Popular picnic site
Everything is better with monkeys!
This one stole Carrie's orange
This gentleman helped us with provisions and the Indonesian language

Making our lunch

Mother and daughter

Market scene

More of the market

The view from Madrona at anchor.
That's all for now.  Hope you like the pictures.  We miss all our friends and family; hope you guys are well.


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Belle said...

May I know where did you stay in Kupang? We're planning a trip there.