Thursday, September 8, 2011

Letters from Tamsyn

These letter were written while we were provisioning in Tahiti.

Dear Gabriel,

How are things at home? I am in Tahiti, an island. It is a bit like La Paz, but not like home. Do you know what makes Tahiti different from home? I have time to tel you one thing. Most of the boys, also men, have no shirts on! That also means Griffyn and my dad. Griffyn says I miss you both! Say hi to your mom from mine. Write son!


Dear Aunt Wendy,

I am in Tahiti. It is noisy, very noisy. It is the third largest city I have ever seen! It has concrete roads and it is very dusty. It is a little like La Paz but is not like home. There is a coral reef around the whole island. We saw angel Fish! I learned that when sunlight hits water it looks shallow and when it is in the shade it looks deeper. I love the food!


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