Sunday, September 11, 2011

Letters from Tamsyn - Posted from Huahine Island

Here are a couple more of Tamsyn's letters - both which were written on September 6th.

To Grandma Lin,

I'm at sea. Your stepson is napping. My mom is giving Griffyn his reading lesson. He does not like it very much. And I'm writing to you. Mom and dad's anniversary is in two days! We will get to an island in the morning. Good bye.


Hey Kel,

How are things at home? Sissy's up on deck half way. So is Griffy. Dad's a nappin'. I'm a writing. We're at sea. Your sisters anniversary is in two days! Happy birthday!

Ciao for now.


Dad's note: The anniversary was great! Were doing very well. Getting some work and school done. Haircuts all around; Carrie did me, I did Carrie, Carrie did Griffyn, and Tamsyn got a trim. Fixed a low voltage wiring problem on the bathroom light. It ws only getting 10V, so I ran new (read un-corroded) wire. Now works great. Probably be here a few more days. more settled weather coming.


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caddy said...

Thanks for the note. I was recently thinking about the date of your Mom and Dad's anniversary. I remember because they couldn't take the plane back to Minnesota that year and had to take the train. What is your favorite part of your trip so far. Ask Griffyn what his favorite part is too. Where are you guys headed to next? I really enjoy seeing pictures of you guys. Have fun at school.