Thursday, September 8, 2011

At anchor on the west side of Huahine Island

So we made a 24 hour + passage between Tahiti and Huahine, about 100 miles westward. The winds were light, and we timed our passage just right so that we showed up 4 miles off the island at sunrise. The place were we re anchored is in an inlet south of Passe de Farerea, between a motu (palm covered island built of reef remains) and the island itself. We anchored in 40 feet of water, and all around us are coral heads and fabulous blue waters of all shades imaginable.

Our only complaint is there is more current than we would like, making diving from the boat hard for the kids. We are going to dive off the dinghy later today and explore. Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. Ta da! French toast for breakfast today, and fresh pineapple for snack. Not bad for the middle of "nowhere".

Tamsyn has some letters she has written over the past weeks that we have been lax in posting. so we'll post those soon. Thanks for all that have written and said hi, or commented. We miss you you all, and hope you are all well.


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