Monday, August 1, 2011

The Waterfalls and Bugbites by Tamsyn

Dear John Caddy,

I have a lot of bug bites. 80% of them are mosquito bites. 20% are Nono bites. I got 1/4 of them when we went to the third tallest waterfall in the world. I got 3/4 of them when we went to a plain old waterfall, (for nothing)! So far they are causing days of complaining, and the worst past of it is you can't go swimming, and we are at a coral reef! With Manta Rays and Bubbler crabs!

On the first hike, we had to cross two rivers. There was a third river but we couldn't get to the other side. But we saw an eel! It was camouflaged and swimming on the side of a rock. It tried to eat your son's foot. So we had to turn back. Well after, we ate the coconut we carried. We past a ruin, it was a stone wall. There were cairns everywhere.

Your grandson got to go to the beach yesterday. Lucky! And he is going today too! But little does he know me and mom (well she has bug bites too)we get to watch a movie.


from Tamsyn

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John Caddy said...

Tamsyn, Very sorry to hear of your itchiness. I have heard that South Pacific no-no bites
are awful. We are having lots of deer fly bites here. They bite Grandpa's ankles and neck. But I know they will get better--it sure takes a long time, though, Itchy Girl. Lots of beaches to come soon that you will swim. Love you. Grandpa

Steve said...

Question: what is the best way to send you information: email or through your blog?

Ask Tamsyn if she remembers this:


This was a poem she made in the form of craft foam about two or three years ago, and gave to me.

I hope all is well/