Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the way to Tahiti

We left Nuku Hiva yesterday, which was hard to do, as it is a fabulous island full of so many good memories for us After one false start (stuck transmission fluid pressure valve) we got off yesterday afternoon, and we've had a god passage in the lst 29 hours - covering 160 miles. Winds are calming now as night falls, so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Our 752 mile passage includes a transit of the Tuamotu Island chain, also know as the "Dangerous Islands". The pass we will take between the reefs is 20 miles wide at the narrowest point. The moon will be full the day before we start that section of th journey. We'll also be checking out the radar, an checking over the engine before we begin that section of the trip.

Was fishing today and got a big one on. I had a 6 inch silver lure with three sets of hooks on it - because it looked like a flying fish - and the fish that hit the lure demolished it, stripping it of two sets of hooks. Needless to say, I have upgraded the tackle and hook size. tomorrow there will be a rematch.

The family is well. We are closer to each other than we have ever been before - a big part of the idea behind this voyage. Griffyn is just starting to learn to read - which is a really big deal for us. We are all actually quite happy to be on passage again.

Looking at three bright stars in a line last night I thought to myself, "geee, those look like the belt stars in Orion, only they are the wrong way around, I wonder what they are." A few minutes later when the clouds moved away and I could see the whole picture I saw Orion revealed - completely upside down! Oh yeah, southern hemisphere.

And here's one for Sally at the FAC in Edmonds. What I swore would never happen has happened. I'm reading Harry Potter.

Anyway... update in a few days.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are having the time of your lives! We miss you in Edmonds, though. My only question is, why can't you go swimming with bug bites? That's news to me!
Sally L. at Discovery Programs FAC