Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the way to Anaho Bay

Hi  everyone.  We are leaving this morning for Anaho Bay on the north side of the island.  We will be there a few days, at least, before setting sail for Tahiti and the Society Islands - a 7 - 10 day trip.

We had a broken part on our Monitor wind vane, which we had welded here in Taiohae Bay.  The calm waters of Anaho Bay should allow me to re-assemble the unit safely.

Here is a picture we took in Daniel's Bay.  Our camera is on the fritz, so we mostly shot video.  Also our Single Sideband Radio is having problems with Sailmail the last week.  Other boats have complained about the same thing, so maybe its not just us.  Anyway, don't take a lack of communication as an indiction of a problem.

Gotta get going.  All is well at this end.


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