Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moved to ControllerBay

Hi all.

We moved the boat to Controller Bay on the east end of the island, so we could water-up. I checked the weather data (GRIB files I download via SSB Radio)and found that the lull n the winds forecast for Friday now read for winds round 20 knots. So we quickly pulled stakes - quick being two hours. We were baking bread when we decided to leave Daniel's Bay, and we also had to raise and stow the dinghy, clear the cockpit, stow gear inside for sea, and plot our course on the charts. By the time we fired up the engine it was 2:45 pm. We ended up dropping anchor at 5:30 pm this evening, and I quickly lower the dinghy and we lowered the outboard into place so I could make a quick run into shore to fill a 5 gallon jerry-can full of water. We were that low.

Dinner involved fresh wonderful bread. Our 2nd in command is crashed on the couch right now. She did good. Tomorrow we water-up, and depending on when we finish we may run up to Anaho Bay, or that may wait until Saturday.

Till then.


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