Thursday, May 8, 2014

SAIL Magazine article about the kids

Hey all,

When we were in the Solomon Islands we were contacted by SAIL Magazine and asked to write something about our kids' experiences while sailing.  Well, the article was finally published in print and online.  It turned out alright.

Otherwise all is well here on Madrona.  The kids are buckling down on certain aspects of school and Carrie and I are doing our curriculum mapping for the school where we will be working.  Lots of boats coming and going here at Danga Bay, and we are really enjoying Malaysia, and making many new friends.

We will do a more thoughtful post soon.  There is a lot to say regarding many things that have been going on in the cruising community and it has taken a while to process it all.



ankit kumar said...

Thank you for sharing this information this is very nice blog thank you for giving this info

Brian Adams said...


Thanks for reaching out to me on Facebook and re-connecting with me--a ghost from your past! My you've journeyed far and wide since Lyndale Avenue!

I enjoyed the SAIL magazine article, which then sent me to your blog, and have been devouring your adventures here ever since. What a wonderful adventure for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing with us! With best wishes from Minnesota...

Brian Adams

Rattinox said...

Excellent article I thought. Not one in 100,000 people ever get to experience planet Earth and it's peoples the way you and the kids are doing.......and fewer still gain those profound insights you learned.

Jennifer said...

I finally got around to reading your article. So wonderful to hear! Congrats on making it into print!