Sunday, November 10, 2013

Enroute to Bowean Island - Huge waterspout

So we left for Bowean Island this morning. After some trouble finding our way out through the coral choked entrance we got on our way under power and sail. Wind was from dead aft. And later that died away to only 4 knots.

Around lunch a big rain squall lay just behind us and to Port a bit, when out of it's lower rotating wall, out snaked a thin tendril of blue. Soon the water underneath rose up white to meet the blind reaching arm. In minutes the waterspout had thickened and grown, until it was massive - a 200 meters at the base, and half a mile tall.

We all watched as it grew and twisted and faded and strengthened, then finally disappeared after 15 minutes.


6 38.874 S/ 114 42.231 E

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