Friday, November 15, 2013

Crossing the Java Sea - in storms and calms

So we left Bawean Island about 30 hours ago headed for Pangkal Pinang on the Island of Bangka (which administratively is part of Sumatra).

We couldn't find a working ATM on Bawean, so we could only get 75 gallons of fuel. We hope it is enough to go all the way to Bangka. Wind has been light, but we sailed for part of today with thunderstorm winds. Both yesterday and today we've collected over 7 gallons of drinking water, so that helps.

Wind instrument went on the fritz yesterday, so I sprayed it, and we'll see if it comes back. Typical Raymarine behavior. Griffyn's DVD player died yesterday - the last of the portable players so there is much lamenting and gnashing of teeth from that quarter.

We also ran into a bamboo "Fish Exciter" during the night, but no harm done. These little tethered platforms are meant to provide shade and cover for fish, and are not easily seen at night, as they are not lit and don't rise more than inches above the water in some cases.

Rain up ahead. Carrie baked bread and cinnamon bread today.

5 02.600 S
110 41.975 E
294 degrees true at 4.0 knots


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