Saturday, July 6, 2013

Madrona has exited the Torres Strait and entered the Araufura Sea

Just a quick note.

Madrona has completed the passage through the Torres Strait. The last 36 hours were among the most tense we've ever had on this voyage, and all on board are thrilled to be past that leg of the journey.

So since the Solomon Islands we have sailed the Coral Sea, to the Gulf of Papua New Guinea, and then through the Torres Strait, and now into the Arafua Sea, and ultimately into the Timor Sea, where we will touch at Kupang, our first stop in Indonesia, roughly 11 days from now.

The Captain and the first mate need a couple days of rest before we become school teachers once more.

Owen & Carrie

10 33.289 S
142 06.451 E

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Anonymous said...

Labor & Anxiety I'm sure, but beauties and wonders are their own compensations. I wished I were there.