Friday, July 5, 2013

Made our turn! 4 hours until Prince of Wales Channel

Ma and Pa Kettle here,

We made our turn, and are now sailing on the beam. Ride much better. Last night was like trying to grope ones way along a knife edge ridge when holding only a candle against the complete darkness, while at he same time the ridge is the travel path of very large elephants who may, or may not, deign to step on you. Oh, did I mention the high winds threatening to topple you into the chasm? Suffice to say we were very very tense.

Four hours to the entrance of the Prince of Wales Channel and the remaining twenty miles of the Torres Strait. In this upcoming stretch we were warned yesterday of 9 knot currents. Such currents could easily sweep one into a rock or island, so we must have steerage from either sails or engine; or both.

So in about 3 hours I will check he engine fluid levels, and we'll get ready for the next part of the big show.

Kids up eating wheatbix - Carrie and I too.


10 20.449 S
142 45.942 E
5.3 knots, 245 degrees true

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