Monday, June 10, 2013

Becalmed in heavy rain


Just touching base. We are having a difficult time getting away from the Solomon's. The day of our last blog entry we were set to leave and then five hours of heavy rain set in. So we left yesterday instead. It was rough seas. All of us were green. 3 meter seas with short period and rain. Cold rain.

By then end of my last watch of the night I felt like a wet rat. Now the forecast indicates our wind will disappear for two more days, but that the rain should lessen. spirits are a little soggy.

Our mileage total in the no wind downpour and lightning fest last night - 16 miles. Distance out from Gizo - 60 miles. That's 28 hours of sailing folks. Sad.

Other than new drips appearing, and a burned out LED light bulb in the V-berth, all is well. Headed SW on a course of 200 degrees.


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