Saturday, June 8, 2013

Across the Coral Sea

So today we set out across the Coral Sea.  

We hung back a couple days from when we first intended to go due to very heavy swell and high wind.  It looks to have calmed down now some.  Looks like four days of decent wind before it gets light for a few days.  We will try to post from the SSB to let folks know of our progress.

Hard to say goodbye to all our friends here in the Solomon's.  We will miss them.  We are full up on fuel and water, and have lots of provisions, so we should be good.

Happy father's day Dad.  Next time we will have real internet will be in Port Moresby - the land of 30 foot electric fences topped by razor wire.  Can't wait to be in and out of there.  Not safe much.

More later.  Have a good weekend.

Owen and crew of Madrona

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