Monday, May 14, 2012

Hauling out

Hi all,

Just a quick update.  We are hauling Madrona out of the water on Thursday at 5:00pm (timing due to tides) so we can clean her and paint the bottom, change zincs, etc...

Our bottom paint isn't much more than a year old, but Australia requires that bottom paint be 6 months or less old when entering that country.  So we're jumping through that hoop.

Wednesday we'll go into a mooring on the breakwater so we can clean up and remark our anchor chain.  We might end for end it - have to see how it looks.  Then we get ready for the haul out - which should last three or four days.

So lots going on.

To my buddy Rob... yes we did go over the Tonga trench, and sailed past active volcanic cones.  They looked kind of like volcanics cones - like you might see in Idaho.  When we sailed over the trench the upwelling brought near freezing water up from below.  It was cool in many ways.

Carrie's got some update to post soon.

Bye for now.


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