Saturday, May 5, 2012

Decisions, decisions...


When we started this whole thing a while back the idea was we'd give it a year, and see if we wanted to keep going.  Basically we had decided that if sailing wasn't working for us as a family, then we'd sell the boat and put it down to experience.

Well, over a year has gone by, and our time in New Zealand is coming to an end soon, and we have all agreed that we're not done yet - we like this experience too much to stop.  We will continue sailing.  That begs the question where?

Talking it over, looking what is possible with the seasons, winds, hurricanes, and our own wants... well we haven't decided for sure.

We had talked about Hawaii as a possible destination, but research and thought has nixed that idea.  It would take too long to get there, and there's not all that much there for cruisers.  Oh, and the whole sailing to windward thing.

We could hang out in the South Pacific and head to safety in Australia or New Zealand come hurricane season.  Or we could cross the Indian Ocean and keep going.  That later idea sounds the most fun to us, and we're checking out a lot of things, but we're definitely leaning that way. 

As our friend Paul says, our plans are cast in Jello.  All that we know for sure is that we are leaving for Fiji in a few weeks.  Once in Fiji our plans will firm up one way or another.  It'll be exciting to be on the move again.

It's cold here in Northland lately - down to 42 degrees F the other morning.  Time to head north soon.  Aside for the sniffles and a strong desire for warmer weather, all are well on Madrona.

Hello to all our family and friends wherever you are. For folks we haven't met who found our blog somehow - hello; watch this space, things will be happening again soon. For anyone considering cruising with kids - I recommend it.  Not always easy, but it has brought our family closer together.

So I've got to get back to work; can't leave N.Z. until my current contract is done, so so long for now.  More soon.



Jennifer said...

Hi guys! It's been awhile since I've checked out the blogs I follow, but I was thinking about you all today and wanted to check on your progress. I'm so proud of you for sticking with this sailing thing! I'm glad to hear you want to continue exploring the world despite the challenges you've had. Carrie, your paintings are lovely, thank you for sharing them. And Owen, that snake is amazing!

Today was low tide in Edmonds, so we met some friends at Olympic Beach for a walk. Tons of sunflower sea stars and we also saw a leopard nudibranch and a clown nudibranch. Also lots of the little six-rayed sea stars. Plus a bald eagle. I didn't recognize any of the rangers, but they were busy.

Owen, I wrote an online article for ParentMap magazine, and linked to your Dad's website. You can get the link to the article off my blog (

Carrie, if you want to write for magazines, there's a good book I recommend, called Writer Mama by Christina Katz. She takes you through the process of figuring out how to write for magazines and stuff, including how to figure out what to write about and how to query. It's all from a mom's perspective, and I've found it really helpful. :) Good luck, it's fun getting published!

We look forward to seeing where you end up next! Take care!

westcoastmom said...

I was wondering if you were going to stop your nomadic life and come back. Or continue on your most excellent adventure! I think continuing is a fantastic idea. Miss you guys!

Lana and the whole HO family!!

Rattinox said...

Just curious- have you been anywhere near any subduction zones/trenches? I always wanted to visit the Kermadec/Tonga Trench islands, just to say I did.

Take care of yourselves!