Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Passage from Minerva to New Zealand and Christmas - Photo Post

Here's the last photo post from our trip to New Zealand.

Here's a big container ship that came up on us fast.  We talked for a while, and they altered course slightly to pass us by safely.  They were bound from Fiji coming into Aukland.

Here is our first sight of New Zealand  - Land of the Long White Cloud.  That day we had had 40 knots and were beating to wind, so as the front passed by and land peaked out from behind the clouds, it was a magic moment.  One cool thing was that with New Zealand, more than any place we've visited so far, we could smell land far out to sea.  We started to smell rich loamy green smells about 50 miles offshore.

Christmas morning, and Griffyn showing off his new airplane.  You can see our tree and some of the presents.  Stockings hung from the port-lights.

The kids had a fun day, as did the parents.

A microscope!  Yeah... it was a good day.  We missed all our family and friends, but appreciated all the greetings and support.


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