Friday, January 20, 2012

Leaving Tonga and on to Minerva Reef - and a Birthday!

Here's more backlogged photos from Tonga and our transit to New Zealand.  Enjoy.

Here we are fueling for departure from Tonga.  S/V Fugue is along side.

Here's Madrona under sail on a beautiful day.

Well - it was a bit bumpy.

A day later we enter the pass into North Minerva Reef.

Laundry day at anchor inside the reef.  It really was that blue!

Here's S/V Two Ticks and Fugue at anchor nearby.

You could really see where the reef line was!

Our neighbors to starboard.

Here's our "Dink" - called T.T. by the kids with our outboard "Buzzer."

It was Tamsyn's 9th Birthday.  We celebrated with seven other boats aboard S/V Yolo who were nice enough to invite a crowd on board.  How many people can claim a 9th birthday party at one of the most remote reefs on earth!

She loved her gifts.  The wrap was made specifically for her in Tonga.

Bob from S/V Fugue says "Mine!"

Getting ready for the piñata on the Trampoline.

Here's Liza from Two Ticks having a whack.

Tamsyn clobbering the poor thing - it didn't last long :-)

Here's the group.  The sailboats represented were Madrona, Yolo (thanks!),  Slip Away, Two Ticks, Fugue, Northern Rose, and Baroness.  We had a great time.

Our little girl is growing up.

Griffyn has lost a front tooth!  Arghhhh!

After almost a week enjoying Minerva it was time to go.  Here  we are threading the needle again.

On to New Zealand!

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