Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still in the doldrums

Hey all,

Another pubic service announcement.

We are still trying the escape the light, non-existent, or just plain contrary winds of th ITCZ (the doldrums). Que the Twilight zone theme.

We also had no SSB radio for a few days. No power getting to it, but I messed around for bit today and got it working again. If we ever just stop communicating - radio problems are the likely cause. We were sweating bullets at the thought of no radio.

We've sailed 50 miles today. we are on the southern margins of the doldrums, and are getting a bit of inconsistent wind again. We haven't escaped the rain however. Argh.

Anyway, all of us are well, but all of us want badly to get moving again.

Owen, Carrie, Tamsyn, Griffyn
S/V Madrona

N 4 52.244
W 128 54.051

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1 comment:

Jennifer Johnson said...

Wow! You guys are living what we've read about in books. Good luck getting through the Doldrums - I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. Hang in there!