Monday, May 30, 2011

Slow goig here in the doldrums.

Just touching base from the twilight zone that is the doldrums.

The last four days have been a slow slog southward. We've motored some- but can't do much of that. Sailing has been frustrating in the extreme because the winds are so light and change direction constantly. And it as been pouring rain. Like Noah type rain. We found all our leaks - that's for sure.

Hope to get out of this hell in a few days. Getting west of 130 degrees, and south of 5 degrees will seem like a miracle. Winds should be more steady there. Otherwise we are well. Our water tank is full and we have lots of food.


P.s. Paul - I've tried our call schedule on 12A, but getting lots of digital traffic. Can we also try another channel?

Owen, Carrie, Griffyn and Tamsyn
S/V Madrona

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