Sunday, March 6, 2011

Renaming... an old tradition

So many folks think it not a good idea to rename a boat or ship.  Others think you can name it anything you want as often as you want.  But a majority feel that if you want to rename a boat - fine; but you have to do it properly.  Many that live on, or make a living from the sea are superstitious.  And for these folks many traditions going back hundreds of years are not often knowingly broken.

Renaming done correctly has a couple of different parts.  First who are the interested parties.  Well - us of course. Oh... and that life of the party Neptunus Rex, god of the seas.  So yesterday we put the new name on.  Fine as far as it went.  But there was something yet to be done.  I secured some spirits, and this morning found the old documentation of the vessel under its old name.

So we gathered the family on the dock this morning, and folks from two other boats came to observe.  First we displayed the old documentation for the boat for all to see.  Then we burned it!  Next I asked Neptune to grant safe passage for this vessel - Madrona - and all who sailed upon her in his dominion.  Finally I cracked a fifth of good rum and poured it out into the ocean for Neptune.

So we're good now.  Knock on wood.

Home sweet home.

Here we burn the old documentation.

Now old Neptune gets his libation.

Looks good doesn't it?

Finally, we did go to Carnival this evening.  The parade got off to a very late start and it was a blast.  So much fun.  The kids were very tired by the end (and all that implies).  We might go again if we can all rest well tonight.

Here's  couple of snaps.  The parade had enough of its own flavor that for us it was great fun.

These kids were very cool.  Vendors sold hollowed out eggs filled with confetti.  People threw them at everything - the floats, the participants, and even the police cruisers.  Both our kids scored on a police cruiser.

Lots more to see, but my camera battery died.

I wanted to give a special hello to my lil Sis Alicia, who has been lost.  Seems just like yesterday paling around in Africa. Good to be back in touch. Thats all folks.


Anonymous said...

Hello All!

Many blessings on your new boat name! I'll put in a good word to Yemaya and Sedna for your water journey as well... just to cover those bases.


Alicia said...

LOVE the blog and the pictures and reconnecting after long time!

Africa was good to us..I hope the sea treats you as well!

steve said...

Wished I was there: half the bottle for Neptune,half for me...

westcoastmom said...

It has been awhile since you have updated your blog. Wondering how everyone in doing and if your ready to sail yet.

Take care,