Monday, March 21, 2011

Loose Ends...

So we're doing alright down here.  Carrie and Tamsyn have been sick (the usual Mexico suspects), and internet has been spotty, and we have also been quite busy trying to get off the dock.

Here are some backlogged pictures.

We did go to Carnival on Fat Tuesday, and had a blast.  Here folks are lining up as the twilight fades.

These guys were very cool, and definitely not from Kansas.

Here's Griffyn armed with one of the fabulous confetti eggs - ready to throw!

The costumes were fun.  This gal must have been warm in all that fur.  It was a hot night.

Rides were next.  Tamsyn and dad did the caterpillar roller coaster and a haunted house, while mom and Griffyn did bumper cars and the cycles.

Griffyn leaned in just like Steve McQueen.

When we don't go to the laundry, we sometimes do a bit in buckets on the dock (with environmentally friendly soap of course).  Here are are laundry employees hard at work.


Dad said...

Where is your clown phobia, Mr. Owen?
I am startled, nay, dismayed. Fear of clowns will keep you safe.

steve said...

Are you rigged yet? When do you plan to have sea trials?