Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mañana - means maybe tomorrow

As I mentioned... we got this boat.

So we are are down in Mexico, and the weather is fine.  Tamsyn and her dad (me) arrived on Saturday evening, and slept on Madrona that night.  It was quite a new world for Tamsyn.  The first night she slept alone in the quarter berth.  The second night she - and I - slept in the same quarter berth.  I know how a sardine feels.  On Monday Carrie and Griffyn flew in - their arms were tired.

So now we are this Leave it to Beaver family on the boat.  You know, napkins folded, dinner served on time, you get the drill.

So what's been going on?   Aside from trying to stow heaps of gear into the nooks and crannies, the kids have been running up and down the docks - even though their parental units keep repeating "No running." Tamsyn saw a whale shark yesterday from our boat.  It was spotted and its fin broke the surface.  I guess it was a bit lost.

Griffyn is in love with the general boatness of the boat. I catch him looking through the portholes, and stomping his feet on the deck to hear the sound it makes.  He really likes getting on and off the boat.  The water all around is really exciting to him.  His favorite thing so far has been a high speed dingy ride we all took.  He was in the bow, and stuck his tongue out just like a dog in a car. Not really.  But he was in the bow (front) and the wind bent his ears back.  You can tell I exaggerate. He loved it though.

Me... well I have been doing pretty mundane things like mounting our new liferaft to the stern of the boat, cleaning the toilet (called a head), and trying to figure out what needs to happen to get our rigging wire out of customs in Guadalajara.

But where ever I can find peanut butter and jelly I am happy.  As I sit now on the darkened vessel, the kids are asleep.  Only a couple small lights are on, and the only sound we hear is this strange clicking and snapping - which emanates from every part of the hull (the boat's bottom).  I experienced this oddity last month when I stayed on the boat.  Upon asking someone what made the noise, they gave me an answer which at first seemed so improbable that I didn't give it credence.  But after asking many, and always receiving the same answer I've decided they all must be pulling my leg.  They claim it is the sound made by tiny shrimp eating marine growth off the bottom of the boat. I think it's Orville Reddinbacher making popcorn down there.  Sure is strange - whoever is making it.

And of course I am keeping busy with my interpretive illustration business.  I'm working on a number of contracts at present, and keeping each moving along.

Soon we will take pictures and share them.  Ta ta for now.  Mañana.

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Lana said...

Hi Carrie, Owen, Tamsyn and Griffyn

We have been following your posts , so keep them up. Love reading about your adventures and how your adjusting.
We are doing well, Arielle was asking about how Tamsyn was doing. We should set it up that they can write emails to each other .
So were you able to get the rigging wire out of customs ?

Take care,