Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding our Feet

We are a little buried here with stuff. It is hard to find anything much less get it put away or fix all the things that need to be fixed or thrown out or stowed. Wow what a colossal mess! Owen has only hit his head once today (and swore). The kids will be right sailors soon. I can only intervene to save the young ears so much before the onslaught of explicatives - caused by stripped bolts rusted on, or objects in the way - begin anew.

Our rigging wire is still stuck at the border. Our car is in a gated condo area and we couldn't get it out yesterday (our stuff is still in it). Someone here was telling me all about how her engine was stolen right out of her car - by the police.  I will feel much better when we are car-less.

The twighlight is a lovely shade of pink. The kids are fine - going swimming this afternoon. Owen and I have our work cut out for us. It feels good to write and sleep - in each case I am somewhat removed from the overwhelming task of getting it all stowed.

Glad to be missed somewhere where people still know my name.


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Allison said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! I look forward to great stories of your adventures!