Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So... it was a long haul up from Bali - PHOTOS

Long time...

Special hello to Zander!  The kids will be writing soon, you know - school and homework and stuff.

So as Carrie mentioned we are in Johor Bahru to catch our breath, fix up the boat and earn a little scratch.  I've been playing chase the drip for the last couple of weeks.  We have some persistent drips that have been defying me to find their origin.  I have not begun to fight, blah blah....

The kids are well, as are we.  It's nice to not be always on the move.  I thought I would post some photos that we took between Bali and Malaysia.  So without further ado....

A beautiful mask we got in Bali for like $10.

Dolphins giving escort.  The kids loved this for about an hour then went back below for lunch.

Griffyn makes friends everywhere.

In northernmost Indonesia while waiting for decent weather these kids would come out to the boat and bring Griffyn to shore to play daily.

This family was very gracious and generous, making our wait in northern Indonesia much more fun.

Crossing the Singapore Strait - on the northern side on the very edge of the traffic lane, but not so close to the Singapore boundary to upset the Singapore police boats that patrol like angry hornets.

Tamsyn's birthday (belated) in J.B. with Alex and Bob, and Phil and Sandy.  She had fun.

Not Kansas.  Seems like we were plagued by waterspouts on the way north, some getting too close.

This village was where the family that we visited lived.

A volcano in Indonesia?  What?  Actually you can't throw a rock without hitting a volcano in Indonesia.  This one is on the north side of Bali.

Christmas morning!

Hope you liked.  More to come.  Sorting out our computer problems, and should be able to post more regularly again.




Carl Setzer said...

Glad to see you're all well and settling into Singapore. I visited there in 70s and loved it, though expect the decades of change have rendered it nearly unrecognizable. Bali was glorious, too.

Braeden asks if I've heard about Tamsyn, so it's wonderful to be able to point him here.

Behan - s/v Totem said...

Scary waterspouts! The rest looks amazing. We'll be passing through JB / Singapore in May, will hope to finally meet the Madrona family!