Monday, November 4, 2013

Kangean Island - stopover on way to Kumai - Borneo

So for the last two days we've been at anchor at Kangean Island (6 51.478 S/ 115 14.124 E. It's a beautiful place. Very quiet. Al little fishing community on an island not far away.

The first day was just to rest, but yesterday when we wanted to continue north I noticed that our Header Tank on the engine was leaking coolant. The problem turned out to be a corroded spot on an aluminum access plate on the tank's bottom. We repaired the hole with aluminum epoxy putty, and covered that repair with a 3 millimeter thick layer of epoxy resin. So looks like we are ready to go, but now there is little wind.

Heading for Bowean Island some 165 miles away.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!


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