Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out of PNG... and headed for the Torres Strait


We've been extremely busy in Port Moresby the last week. We anchored in the marina "pond" of the Royal Papuan Yacht Club - a place that has been described as "the last bastion of white elitism" in Papua New Guinea. That about sums it up, but the folks there were very good to us, and saw to our needs, and we are grateful.

We made some friends there, Brian Hull a 50 year PNG resident, and James Baker an American working at the Bank of Papua New Guinea. We also had a nice dinner with Walter North, an RPCV like myself and U.S. Ambassador to PNG, The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Water is a friend of my friend Nancy (Hi Nancy), and we had a great time visiting.

We Had a false start out from Moresby on Wednesday - Customs came three hours late to clear us out, and by the time we did the paperwork, and brought up the anchor (the sow way), the wind was howling. It was blowing 25 - 29 knots in the bay, and after three hours of trying to get out to the entrance we turned around and took a slip for the night and left again yesterday at 7:00 am when the winds had calmed down again.

So now we are headed for the entrance to the Torres Strait. Wind was steady and brisk yesterday but calmed down during the night. Right now we are make 4 knots due west which is fine, as we want to do as much of the Torres in daylight as possible. Have only seen one ship so far but that will increase no doubt, as the strait is one of the busy shipping places on our little globe.

Wind is out of the SE and steady in direction is not speed. Once we enter the straits we will turn SW and our wind angle for sailing should be around 70 degrees - knock on wood. We'll try not to hit anything and make some sailmail posting of our progress, as power will not be a problem; I will have to charge batteries with all the radar and computer usage we will need to have as we pass through the waters ahead.

Had some heavy rain this morning. Kids squirrelly. Carrie making pancakes.

9 11.953 S
145 19.687 E


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