Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coral gardens near Plum Pudding Island (Kennedy Island)

Happy New Year,

We are anchored off a small island near Gizo that boasts two little resorts. A short ways to the NE is Plum Pudding Island, aka Kennedy Island, the spot where Lt. John F. Kennedy USN and the other survivors of PT109 swam ashore and hid from the Japanese while Kennedy's message, carved into a coconut, was sent by canoe to Rendova. Strange to be here.

The coral gardens here are amazing. So many colors of coral and fish. The best diving we've had yet. A few days ago a tropical storm formed 100 miles east of us, and as it moved south of our location formed into tropical cyclone Freda - now on it's way to New Cal. The storm has made it a bit windier than is ideal.

While diving we've seen sharks, sea horses, amazing corals, and so many new fish that it dazzles the eye. The boat is still in chaos from the holiday, and having our top sides clear of things that might be pinched during the night. I was considering titling this entry A sailboat Named Entropy.

Now to see what our next weeks weather is likely to bring. We hope everyone has a nice New Years, ours was quiet - just the wind of a rising rain squall punctuated the night when the clock ticked over. We're going to watch a movie today, and see if anyone on shore wants a baby bird.


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CampSiberia said...

Happy new year from Allison, luka, niko and Amelia!!! Thinking about you often!