Monday, November 26, 2012

Heading north... again, and Thanksgiving

Hey all,

Just a quick note.  We are heading out sometime today after a couple last errands in the big city (canned butter and Grib files).  It's raining here and about 80 degrees, with light winds from the east.  The Gribs show that there should be more wind once out away from the islands, so hopefully we'll have enough to get to Epi Island by tomorrow morning.

Did I mention our wet laundry?  It doesn't dry in the rain; but I suppose you all know that.  That's cruiser wisdom for ya.

Anyway.... not sure when the next decent internets will be, but we'll do some sailmail posts in the interim.  

We a terrific Thanks Giving at S/V Sea Going with our friends Bruce and Ricky. Bruce grilled marinated chicken drumsticks (a thai marinade) and we ate it a spicy peanut sauce. I made pineapple coconut rice, banana bread and pumpkin pie - from a can of pumpkin I've been saving since Mexico (almost two years ago). It tasted just like pumpkin pie back home. There were coconut green beans and a most delicious coffee with real cream (we are in French territory after all!) A lovely meal with great new friends.

Owen & Carrie


SV: SeaGoing said...

Happy New Year, Madrona. We miss you. We've got lots of news but lost your email address and just found your blog. Please get back to us with your email. We will regale you with our stories of Tanna, voyage home and Bruce ending up in the hospital---seeing the doctor before we even cleared quarantine in Pahia! (with their permission, of course)
SV: SeaGoing

SV: SeaGoing said...

Madrona, Madrona, send us your email address.