Saturday, October 13, 2012

Waiting out high winds in Levuka

Hi all,

Just touching base.  We are waiting in Levuka harbor on the island of Ovalau for the winds and seas to die down a bit, which they are doing right now.  We will probably jump tomorrow.  That means in the morning we will all have to go into the Customs office and check out, then get our last fresh veg for a while.  Then its back to the boat to hoist and stow the dinghy and get under way.

When we got here a couple of days ago two things happened.  First we found that a repair patch on the dinghy we made long ago in Tonga had let go.  So we had to repair it and hope to remember to let more pressure out of the dinghy next passage.  Then our PC based chart plotter (MaxSea) went on the fritz again.  So we used our Nobeltec Admiral backup to navigate into the harbor.  I'm fairly annoyed with MaxSea so I have switched over to OpenCPN for OSX and am very happy with it so far.
Griffyn has got a bad cold and cough.  Hopefully he will be on the mend soon.  S/V Galena is here now, and Doin It will be in tomorrow.  Hope to post some of Carrie's journaling today.


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