Sunday, October 21, 2012

Madrona approaching Vanuatu in light winds


Just a quick message to say hi. We've had a good sail so far. The wind lightened during the night. We are now only 80 miles from Anatom, Vanuatu, and making 3 to 3.5 knots in 8 to 9 knots of wind and a 2 m swell out of the SW.

I will pull down a GRIB file to see when we might get wind again. Clear sky and humid. All is well here. Lots of reading happening on board. Tamsyn reading Narnia again. Griffyn reading his readers. Carrie has started The Song of Ice and Fire. And I'm reading Thuvia, maid of Mars.

S 20 28.608
E 171 13.146
at 20:11 UTZ

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Rattinox said...

Reading Burroughs under a Tropical moon must be beyond description......