Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Fijian Wedding, a picture post

Here are some pictures of a traditional Fijian wedding that we attended on August 31st.  The groom was Sisi's uncle.  It was a lot of fun and we felt honored to be guests.

The Bride and Grooms house decorated by friends and family

Sisi's brother, Owen, Carrie, the Groom, Sisi, and the kids

Sisi's father, Andrea, is in the middle

Making the church ready

The wedding party

The Bride and Groom

Hour three of five hours of Kava drinking

What Carrie didn't know was that every time she came over to me to get the camera the whole kava ceremony would stop, with the men looking off into space or at the ground until she left.  No women allowed.

Women prepare the food, cassava and taro root here.

The wedding party place setting

The women made up individual plates for all who attended

Kids are fed first

For the reception all those in Andrea's family, including the new bride, changed into newly sewn shirts and dresses cut from the same fabric

The glowing bride

An honored guest

Our wedding gift, painted by Carrie

That's it for now.  We are thinking of jumping for Vanuatu tomorrow around lunch time.


Jennifer said...

It's fascinating to see these pictures of real life abroad! Thanks for sharing them with us. (Also, we got your post card. What excitement!)

Sunny Jesaitis said...

Best natural wedding photography. Thanks for collect the real life picture.