Monday, August 13, 2012

Lounging in fantastic Fiji

Hi all,

We have been having a wonderful time in Fiji.   We could happily spend a year here.  We've spent time  on shore in a wonderful house (more about that later), and enrolled the kids in school at the Khemendra Bharitya Central School and they've both done very well on their end of term exams.

I'm currently finishing up an illustration job, with the possibility of another one coming up soon.  We also have to get moving west very soon.  A few boat jobs to be tackled, but nothing major for a change.  Internet is a bit dear here, so I'll keep this short for the moment. Everybody is well.

Carrie and Tamsyn are in a village today baking and cooking, while Griffyn is at school, and I'm working on a Loggerhead Sea Turtle illustration.




Rattinox said...

I'll bet the night sky is just astounding there.... Alpha Centauri, Canopus, Eta Carinae, Southern Cross.....I'm jealous!

Rattinox said...

Just checking in with The Mariners.

How is the illustration job going?

And hey, if it's that beautiful and the Kids and Carrie like it, why NOT stay for a year? I would!

Give a wink to α Carinae for me. (Arrakis/Dune is Canopus IV)