Friday, July 6, 2012

Wonderful relaxation and fun in Tonga

Hi everyone,

We've spent the past week out in the islands and motus.  We wanted to enjoy all that this country had to offer; and that of course is a lot.  Having been here before, we knew some places we wanted to go, but didn't make it to last year.

We've spent the week snorkeling, swimming, doing lots of laundry, stowing fleece and sleeping bags we won't need for a long time.  The anchorage we've spent most of our time at had been magical.  Wonderful reefs, warm water, and perfect weather.  The kids would hike up to an old abandoned orchard and get pawpaw, limes, and coconuts.  Shell collecting, playing with crabs, canonballs off the deck, and playing with kids from two other boats have been highlights for Tamsyn and Griffyn.

Tamsyn is growing up so fast.  She and the oldest boy from S/V Sojourner went kayaking in twin kayaks around the reefs for over an hour by themselves and non of us parents worried a bit.  Griffyn is very excited about his upcoming birthday (7 !!).  Secret shopping began in New Zealand (shhhh...don't tell him).

We had a wonderful time visiting with Daniel and Michelle from S/V Evangeline.  The six of us had a great bonfire and marshmallow roast on a sand spit by the reef as first the sun went down and the stars came out.  The southern cross (Crux) was magnificent as usual and the dark obscuring dust cloud nearby - the coal sack - looked back as night against the riot of stars in the milky way.  Then the moon rose orange and immense.

So we're back in "town" for a night or two mainly to check email and buy some produce.  We are thinking of heading to Fiji the middle of next week.  The weather has been good, but the winds have been a bit light.  We're waiting for them to pick up a little for our passage.

So we're going out for a few days again, and will return again to town the beginning of the week to check mail again and look at thew long term weather outlook.  Then, if all looks good, we'll stow gear and ready the boat for the passage.  It should be an easy compared to the last one.

Once back on passage we'll have to do school again.  There has been a global amnesty on all pending school assignments this past week.

Everyone on Madrona says hi to family and friends.


Owen & family


westcoastmom said...

Thinking of you guys, can't believe you have been gone so long and the kids are growing up so fast.

Arielle has graduated grade 5 and is going on to middle school this September.

The weather in Seattle has finally warmed up, terrible summer so far.

Miss all of you , I love reading your adventures, oh the stories the kids will have to tell when they grow older.



Jennifer said...

Yay! Sounds like a wonderful time! Enjoy your transition from cold to warm. :)

SV Jeorgia said...

General Amnesties are a good thing!!

Paul and Chris