Friday, January 13, 2012

New Zealand wind & Photo Updates!

Hi everybody,

We are doing well.  We've had frequent gales in The Bay of Islands, with winds over 40 knots every few days.  We are still at anchor beside Pine Island in front of the town of Opua.  Our friends on Pegasus of Jersey (a great kid boat) left this morning for Aukland.  We will miss them.

Carrie had a good birthday (thanks for all the good wishes), and she was taken out to lunch, and also picked out some choice watercolor paints that will be coming along with Owen's dad to New Zealand in a week or so.

Owen's been working, and doing updates to his website.  So far there is a new entry page and a new brochure.  Much more to come in the next few weeks.  Check it out:

So now for some pictures.  We're going to post them in groups - starting out way back in Tonga in November.

This is one of many beaches, but we love this one.  It's on an anchorage called number 40 by a lot of the cruisers  as the number is that assigned by the "Moorings" cruising guide.

Here's Fugue at anchor beside us at magic hour.  It was just a little atoll inside a big lagoon.

Life on deck.  A boat to some.  Home to us.

Here's Madrona at anchor.  Little islands extend to the horizon.  Some are volcanoes!

Here's the reef at "40."

We love these blue seastars.

I love the different kinds of coral.

Tamsyn & Griffyn decorated for my birthday.

Here's the birthday boy.  This picture is for Lois.

Here's the amazing cake (with cherries!) and presents.  It was a grand day.

More to come soon.

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