Monday, December 19, 2011

New Zealand and Christmas

Hi everybody,
So we are at anchor in Opua, New Zealand! We spent a couple days at the dock - doing laundry, and replacing stores that were taken at our entry to the country. Now our thoughts turn to Christmas, family & friends, and trying to make it a good holiday for the kids.
To family: If anyone wants to do something for Griffyn & Tamsyn, they could send a small check to Wendy, and then let us know the amount, and we will spend that amount on them down here.
Also for the next month or so well be in the Opua area - so we got the General Delivery address that we can get parcels.  It is:

S/V Madrona
General Delivery
C/O Opua General Store - Post
3 Beechy Street
Opua, Bay of Islands
Northland, NZ 0200

We have no idea if things sent regular parcel post will arrive anytime in the next month - possibly not.
We still haven't got our regular internet yet. We're going to get a little dongle thing you plug into the laptop that will pull down a cellphone signal. We have to travel to Kirikiri to get it, and must arrange transport to do that. Soon.
We miss you all. We're feeling pretty good about things and are happy to be here. What's also cool is nearly the whole Pacific yacht fleet is at anchor around us - many of which are boats of friends we've made as far back as Mexico.
Once we get regular internet we'll post a whole slew of photos and writing.
Have a great holiday week!
Carrie, Owen, Griffyn & Tamsyn
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