Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big seas enroute to New Zealand

December 11th (on our side of the dateline)
Just a quick update. we are 300 miles out from Minerva Reef with some 480 miles to go on this jump. we had 25 knot winds and 3 meter seas all night. Things have calmed a bit this morning, but it is still blowing 18 knots, with a mixed swell of 2.5 meters.
Nobody feels seasick - which is good. The folks on Fugue, a bit ahead of us, are quite seasick. There are seven boats strung out between Mineva and New Zealand. We are in the middle of the pack right now, but two boats behind us are fast "cats" so they will pass us in the next two days.
We crossed the 180th meridian yesterday - so we are now all "Golden Dragons."
Still getting some stretches of very cold water but mostly it is in the seventies.
All is well.
S 28 03.1
E 178 40.6
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