Saturday, December 3, 2011

Arrived at Minerva Reef

We arrived at North Minerva Reef yesterday safely. Our transit only took 3 days and 3 hours. we are one of seven boats now waiting here for the next good weather window to strike out for New Zealand.
Our jump from Tonga to Minerva was marked mostly by big seas and booming trade winds. Lots of water over the bow as we made 9.5 knots for some stretches - about 2 knots over our "hull speed." This afternoon we now sit in a ring of reef, with the roar of pounding surf beyond. Inside the water is relatively calm, and many shades of blue and aqua.
We have full batteries and full fuel, and full fresh water tanks - so all is good. Preliminary weather forecasts suggest that we will wait at least 3 to 4 days (maybe more) before heading out. If so, we will celebrate Tamsyn's 9th birthday at Minerva Reef. Quite a location. And in addition to S/V Fugue, there are other boats we know; Two Ticks, Northern Rose and Baroness, so we may have quite a few folks over to have cake.
When we get to New Zealand we will celebrate again, and be able to find more fun presents. More later. Time to snag some weather forecasts.
S 22 37.710
W 178 53.747
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caddy said...

You are 9 years old. I am sure that this is a birthday you will never forget, as you are in an exotic location. I hope you are celebrating in many fun ways. Can you believe you are actually 9 years old already! I would love to know what you did on this special day. In the next couple of weeks you will probably be in New Zealand and having even more fascinating experiences. I am wondering if you are keeping a journal of your days on the boat and on the ocean? I am looking forward to the days when you are here to share all your stories. Happy Birthday!
Grandma Lin