Monday, October 24, 2011

Letters from Tamsyn backlog - to Pat, Grandpa John, Lois & Hinka, & Grandma Jean

Here is a bit of a time machine of letters written by Tamsyn...

August 15, 2011 - Tahiti  (maybe on blog already)

Dear Pat, 

I am in Tahiti. We have a friend named Joel. We had him over for dinner yesterday. Joel is 30. He used to work on a NOAA ship and so did dad! And we have another friend who is 5 1/2, her name is Emma. I made her a gingerbread doll all by myself! I went swimming yesterday. Dad is going to get a fuel cylinder. Your sister is at the table not doing anything. Griffyn is still in the bathroom. How are things at home?


September 28, 2011 - on passage from Bora Bora to Tonga (maybe posted)

Dear Grandpa John, 

Are you still coming to where we summer over? It's "summer over" because in the tropics there is no winter. "What a drag, I know." I think I heard you got a little snow last you wrote. We think we will summer over in New Zealand. But we are not sure, but if we do go, me and Griffyn get to go to a real school! 

An X for you and the cats. 
Add two OOs.

October 3, 2011 - on passage to Tonga

Dear Aunt Lois and Uncle Hinka, 

I was up with the sun today. It was the first time I did it since I left home.  Guess what? Griffyn read 67 words yesterday. Can you believe that! I read these two great books called "Rowan of Rin" and "Rowan and the Travelers." How are things at home? We miss you both.

from Tamsyn

October 3, 2011 - on passage to Tonga

Dear Uncle Pat, 

We are sailing to Tonga. I lost a tooth on the way. It was a molar. The place where it was bled for the whole night. We had left Bora Bora. They had French money and the tooth fairy gave me 100 pacific francs or French money. Darn it - we already left the island that the money works at. 

Hope all is well,
Love Tamsyn

October 5, 2011 - on passage to Tonga

Dear Grandpa John, 

When I wrote last I got mixed up. New Zealand does have Christmas, that is in the summer. It even snows there, that is in the winter. We saw these beautiful birds. The birds were as white as snow and have very long pointed tail feathers. I liked the way they flew. They glided along the wind with scarcely a flap. When one met the other, they soared tilting one wing and then the other right next to each other. 

I lost a tooth! And a different one is loose. Two molars! One out, the other half way! Today we will reach Tonga!! it is a Kingdom! How are things at home? We miss you and your cats.

Love Tamsyn

October 19, 2011 - Tonga

Dear Grandma Jean,

It is hard to miss the crickets, "sheesh!" Guess what? Once at twilight some how, (don't laugh) a cricket got on our boat! I caught him! We put him in my bug jar for a night and then when dad when to get water he brought him with him and let him go. The way you can tell crickets from grass hoppers is crickets have long antenna and grass hoppers have short ones.

I have been wondering. Do you have any good books? Maybe a Thorton Burgess or two, or "The Bobbsey Twins"? (Well you did run a bookstore, so.) Oh and please don't bring #8. I have it.  I really like the series. And please also bring some more of "The Boxcar Children", I have #4, Mystery Ranch. I love these too. 

XXXX for you and Samantha, do not forget Thomas and Danny
from Tamsyn

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