Sunday, August 21, 2011


We are in Tahiti - and it is very beautiful.

We got in a few days ago, but as usual, it has taken a while to get internet.  We had a great passage from Nuku Hiva, excepting the fact that the wind totally disappeared the last couple of days.  It was so still day we arrived, that we motored the last 15 miles.

We are at anchor near, but not in, the capitol city.  Threading our way through the reef strewn channel to our anchorage was fun, as it happened late in the day.  We are still taking in Tahiti - but at first impression, it is nothing like where we have been, and more like Seattle, or at least Vashon :-)

Lots of other boats here - many of which we know.  And for the first time - our "To Do" list is not arm length long.  We're going to reprovision, I'll work on contracts, and we'll figure out where we want to go from here.

We will try and post some pictures soon.  Our good camera is on the fritz, and so not always working.  We may buy a cheap digital camera to help out on that front.  The kids are well.  School is getting more vigorous and regular.

Tamyn's No-no bites are fading finally.  Many of you have wondered why one can't swim when having open No-no bites.  Apparently it is very easy to get Staph infections from open bites if one swims in these warm waters.

It is good to hear from all of you that have written notes and comments.  They mean a lot to us.  More soon.  Our internet time is almost out.

Owen, Carrie, Tamsyn & Griffyn


Anonymous said...

Carrie and Owen,

Been wanting to follow your blog but just getting to it now. Life got crazy the last 5 months have been tough. I got laid off from my job and have been job hunting. But got an offer last week so back to work soon. Oh how wonderful to read your postings and get perspective on life. Very thrilled for all of you and that you are living your dreams. Inspiring fodder for my spirit. Like you, I crave adventure and something for my family that is unique and meaningful. Thank you for reminding me that the possibilities are endless and much more exciting than following the same old tired path. Conor and I want to create something special for our son too and show him all the amazing things about life. We need to dig deep and listen to our hearts more. Carrie excited to read that you wrote a small book. Interested to read that. Love the photos...and the descriptions of the natural beauty. Tamsyn's letters are very sweet. Hugs to all of you and look forward to reading more. Enjoy Tahiti!! xkaren

caddy said...

To Tamsyn and Griffyn,
I am so impressed at how great you guys are doing on this voyage. You have had the opportunity to see and do things that mot kids do not. What fun it will be to share with friend when you return. Griffyn, what an exciiting place to learn to read. What great stories you will be able to write about Tamsyn, you have always been the adventurous type and you are proving it on this voyage. Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

Steve said...

You'll have to visit Gauguin's grave.