Monday, August 15, 2011

Entering the Tuamotu's

In a few hours we will be entering the Tuamotu Island group. Our run through these island will take the next day. First this evening we will be passing between Manihi (where a sailmail relay station exists) to the west, and Takaroa and Takaputo to our east. Then around midnight we'll turn more westward, and ride downwind to line-up for our southerly run between Rangiroa and Arutua - a pass only 20 miles wide.

Griffyn did excellent with reading today, and Tamsyn spent much of the morning working on world history timelines. So all is well. It is a very hot day, so we hope the heating as we move southward doe not go on indefinitely. Cheers,


S 13 58.70
W 144 57.91

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John Caddy said...

Thank you for the frequent updates, Mr. Owen