Monday, July 18, 2011

Picture Post - Tahu Ata

Here we are on Hiva-Oa, and the clouds have parted revealing the mountain top.  Griffyn insisted I take this picture.

Here he is now, watching harbor operations as a big cargo ship leaves.

And there it goes.  The boat in front of the ship is a French/Belgian boat whose owners we became friends with.

On route to Tahu Ata.  Stunning coastline.

Another boat en route to Tahu Ata alongside Madrona.

What can i say.

Here is the bay we spent over a week in.  Magic place.

Tamsyn was very taken with these clouds.

Here is "our" beach.  The water was like crystal, the beach the perfect place for kid (and grown up kids).

Another view.  We loved the palms.

Each headland was beautiful.  

Here's Tamsyn.

Carrie learned to snorkel here.

I love the lava cliffs.

Griffyn body surfed in waves twice as tall as himself.

Siblings in wonderland.

Did we mention the amazing palms.

The young palms were somehow exquisite.

Looking down the beach.

The surf line is strewn with coral and shells.

The happy chef unveiling her cornmeal, rye, molasses and raisin cake that she made for tea time with friends.  She made it in the pressure cooker.

It tasted even better than it looked.

Our friends Dorte and Frank from S/V Elan.

Always on the lookout for the green flash.  One of these days.

Using the underwater camera.  Harder than I thought to hold still.

We loved these electric blue guys.

Here's one of the Mantas.

A self portrait.

Another Manta.

This fish kept following me around.

These pictures don't do the number and variety of different fish justice.

Lots more pictures to post.  We seem to be running about one island behind photos wise.  We are currently on Nuka Hiva, a beautiful island 82 miles NW of Tahu Ata, and about 100 miles from Hiva-Oa.  We have spent a few days here - the two nights of traditional dancing has been a highlight.  Stunning.

Soon we'll go to Daniel's Bay to get water for our tanks, and may visit the third highest waterfall in the world.  Then we are going to Ahano Bay on the north side of the island to meet the folks from S/V Elan again.  After a few days there we plan on sailing directly for Tahiti.

The boat is dry, our spirits are high, and Griffyn just had his 6th birthday party!  It was a fun affair, made special by having Elias, a boy from S/V Galactic, and his parents there.  We had a delicious spaghetti meal with wine, and for desert we had a cherry-apple chocolate crisp.  

We really enjoy all the comments and emails from friends and family.  Thank you so much.



caddy said...

What fabulous pictures. Enjoying seeing pictures of you guys having fun. So glad you are hqppy with your surroundings. Tamsyn looks like she is up for anything. What great memories for the kids after the adventure. I am sure that this is a great confidence builder for them also. What's next.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Griffyn!!!

Thinking and revelling in your experiences- glad things are 'swimming' along nicely- sharks and all!

Greetings from your Edmonds homebodies!

Love-Michelle and Mary Pat