Monday, May 16, 2011

Slow progress - not the best weather

Hi all,

We're doing fine. The weather has been too windy for great sailing - blowing over 20 kts frequently, and forcing us to reef sails frequently. When we do reef way down (1 or 2 reefs on the main, and little bit of jib or storm staysail)then we slow way down. The winds have kicked up bigger than typical seas which are sloppy and uncomfortable.

So for instance yesterday was great sailing with over 125 miles covered. Today has, by contrast, stunk. We've had big swells at such an angle that as we've sailed a good course we are often in the trough, getting bounced all over, and we've not been able to shake out the last reef in the main. We'll be lucky to hit 70 miles today - a sad distance.

Carrie says, "Life at an angle is interesting. Then add pitch and roll and it becomes challenging. Everything aches - we are adjusting."

We're going to run down a different tack tomorrow to get more southing.

A little more than 2000 miles to go. Winds need to get more regular or this is going to be a slow trip. Then again fully laden Tayana's are not a very fast boat.

Will try to send out some individual messages next time. Love to all.

N 19 07.865
W 115 41.999

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steve said...

All I can say is, what an adventure! I'm envious.