Friday, May 13, 2011

Doing Well - 3 days out

Just a quick message to let everyone know we are doing at sunset on our third day out from Mexico.
We are about 200 miles SW of Cabo Falso (near Cabo San Lucas) We ended up leaving late Monday afternoon, due to preparations and high winds off Cabo Falso. Had pretty high winds anyway when we got out there (25-30 kts sustained) the first two days once we got into the funnel that are the waters off Cabo Falso. Seas were 10-12 feet at about 8 seconds. Washing machine. We plugged away under our storm staysail. Everyone was green, but this morning we broke through into the trade winds. So today has been a regrouping day, a day to dry out, and rest. Watches going well. Kids are well - bedtime now. Tomorrow we'll see abut getting some more speed. Love you all.
Had a light spell today for two hours with little wind. Got stuck in the trough. Oh well. Nice sunset. Hope you are well.
Owen, Carrie, Tamsyn & griffyn
S/V Madrona
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westcoastmom said...

Glad all is well , and that everyone is safe, miss you guys. Keep up the sailmail so we can follow your progress.

The Ho Family