Friday, March 4, 2011

Enjoying the Weather

We are enjoying the weather.  And the rest, well, the word "Mañana" which means "not today" was born here - everything is framed by the uneasy feeling that it "will happen some day, just not today". 

Some days when I don't feel as though I am living in a single car garage while fixing the garage - with three other people - are good days and some days are - well I just call those days when I want to pack it in "adjusting" days. 

We are still attached to a dock, can't sail anywhere. We finally have the new rigging wire, but the rigger is sick and will soon be booked well into the future. But our engine is now fixed (we have been waiting for over two months for the mechanic to return a repaired part), our frig no longer has black mold thriving all over the poorly nailed in weather stripping, many of our things have a home somewhere on the boat and as Tamsyn said today, "The toys are out and there is food aboard, it feels like home." (There was no food aboard for the three days it took to clean and re-do the refrigerator door seals - we lived on Pb & J, cookies and Banditos - our local hamburger joint). So we are getting somewhere I think. We are in the process of provisioning - getting food aboard for the next 4 months. Trying to plan for what may not exist on the Islands of the South Pacific (or at least not in our price range). It is a complicated and daunting task since it all has to fit in this little boat - with us.

Grandpa John just left with our car, Owen's Toyota 4-Runner. (His visit along with pics will be a separate blog entry.)  So now we provision either by taxi or on foot. Owen's feet are getting sore. It requires many trips to 'provision'.  Imagine trying to plan servings of fruit (2 per day) for 4 people for 3 weeks (for fresh food) and for 15 weeks (for preserved, dried, and canned food). You can do the math - it's about 784 fruit servings. Then repeat for veges, meat/beans/fish of opportunity, grains, dairy, paper and plastic products, cleaning supplies, extra parts and let us not forget water - for much more than drinking. We spend our time measuring each item in our favorite meals, doing the math and thinking about weather or not that meal will continue to be our favorite after the 15th meal in 15 weeks. We have a water-maker aboard so we try not to worry about water. (We have not had the opportunity to test our water-maker yet - but we have it aboard and the membrane is pickled so we do as we always do - plan for the time when we can sail out of the "marina", run the water-maker in clean water and test it. We are certain it will happen Mañana).

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