Sunday, February 6, 2011

Survived the windstorm

We did indeed survive the Norther, though when the big swells came into the docks and pinned us to the dock (against six bumpers) we had moments of anxiety for the boat.  Top winds were around 32 knots (which is more in mph), but it was the swells the wind generated, and our position on the north side of the dock which created an uncomfortable couple of nights.

It also got quite cold.  We had a low one morning of 47 degrees.  I know, I know - don't cry for us.  But still.  We don't have a heater at the moment.  It was nippy.  One of things we did today was get Carrie a warmer pair of slacks, as none she brought were up to this cold weather.  We also got both kids flip-flops today, and Griffyn got a new pair of sneakers.

Carrie has been great at making amazingly good meals for us, which has been quite an accomplishment in this different culture.  Yesterday she made pancakes again for breakfast, and we all were at the table.

Our Dinghy is back and looks O.K., but it will take a ride under power to see if it is really repaired.  Tomorrow.  Our wire should cross the boarder Tuesday, and come down the Baja peninsula to us by the end of the week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

School has been touch and go the last few days as there has been so much to do getting our boat papers, and importation documents for Mexico in order.  We've also been going though our mountain of spare parts, identifying them (thanks Paul), and figuring which if any need to be easily accessible.  Not many.

Some time back I mentioned these special moments Griffyn has been having on the boat.  Well yesterday I caught one on camera.  Early morning light becomes a play-thing.

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